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Plinkerton .22 LR, 4 3/4"

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Plinkerton .22 LR, 4 3/4"


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Quick Overview

Plinkerton .22 LR, 4 3/4 in. , Checkered Black Plastic With medallion, Matte Black, Model ASPLINK-1


The "Plinkerton" is Cimarron"s entry level plinking SA revolver. Manufactured by Chiappa Firearms.
Caliber .22 LR
Barrel Length 4 3/4 in.
Style Plinkerton
Frame No
Finish Matte Black
Grip Checkered Black Plastic With medallion
Overall Length No
Weight 2.15 Lbs.

Customer Reviews

Somewhat Disappointing Review by dtolbert
I purchased the Plinkerton instead of a Heritage Rough Rider (despite costing around $60 more) because I liked the weight of the gun and the fact that the Plinkerton feels like a higher caliber revolver. The good feel was quickly outweighed by poor performance at the range. The cylinder did not turn easily when loaded, and in fact nearly jammed completely on a few occasions.

The gun was purchased at Cabela's, who gladly returned the firearm to Cimarron to correct the problem. Upon its return, the issue is mostly resolved, but the cylinder still provides some resistance on occasion.

After firing several hundred rounds with the Plinkerton, I have become more disenchanted with it. While I originally purchased it for the better "feel" over the Heritage Rough Rider, the plastic grips on the Plinkerton have begun to wear on me. It is safe to say that I have buyer's remorse and wish that I had spend $60 less on the Rough Rider to have wood grips and more reliable performance in place of a heavier gun with a larger cylinder.

D. Tolbert
Allen, TX (Posted on 1/28/13)
Great bargain/Good shooter Review by TimS
I purchased two of these Plinkerton's for my son's. After running around 100 rounds of ammo through each I am impressed at how precise they shoot. This, all without the benefit of an adjustable site. Neither of my sons' had a single issue, emptying, reloading or cocking and firing this handgun. While the brand name says it all PLINKerton, it is also a great pistol to teach someone how to shoot with, since it forces them to slow down and take their time with aiming. Also, the weight, in my opinion, is just right, since once you have your "student" brought up to speed, moving up to a 357, 44 or 45 will have them used to a heavier framed revolver.
The plastic grips, believe it or not were appreciated by both of my sons', and to be honest, by myself as well. It is textured, so you can get very tight grip, on the handle, with minimal slippage.. I noted in the accessories department, that wood replacements are available, but I will leave that one up to them, once they are old enough to have them transfered.
The kit came with; a gun lock, a key for the safety and a cleaning brush. The removable cylinder made cleaning and oiling them rather simple, in my opinion. I personally like the side loader, versus having to "eject" the cylinder in order to load it as well.
If there is any feature, I dont particular care for thus far, it would have to be the safety, located on the left side of the pistol. It somewhat takes away from the overall appearance of the handgun, and I haven't seen this function before on other revolvers. I suppose Cimarron HAD to include these for one reason or another, but I would have prefered they hadn't incorporated them as I said before. It didnt prevent me from buying it however, and I would purchase another one if I found the need.
I highly recommend this pistol, since I know we will be having years of fun ahead of us using these rascals! (Posted on 1/14/13)

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