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1858 New Army .38 Spl., 7 3/8 in. Barrel

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1858 New Army .38 Spl., 7 3/8 in. Barrel


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1858 New Army .38 Spl., 7 3/8 in. Barrel


Cimarron has taken the well respected 1858 New Model Army/Navy and improved it for the modern shooter's needs. The 1858 New Model Army was originally made in rimfire and center fire metallic cartridges and priced for the civilian trade at $9.00. Like the 1872 Open Top, these revolvers were not converted from a percussion model but instead were manufactured to fire a cartridge.
SKU CA1010
Caliber .38 Spl.
Barrel Length 7 3/8 in.
Style Standard Blue
Frame Forged Steel
Finish Standard Blue
Grip 2 Piece Walnut
Overall Length No
Weight 2.80 Lbs.

Customer Reviews

The best all around 19th Century revolver ! Review by Twilight Onearmbiker
I was disappointed that Uberti stop selling the .38 special 1858 New Army with an 8" barrel. I am so glad I bought this revolver. My favorite Cimarron revolver so far. It shoots perfect . Easier to disassemble , clean , load , and unload than the conversions Colt 1851, 1860 , or the 1873 SAA. I rarely used the injector to unload the brass. I point the barrel straight up and tap the back strap on the shooters table. The brass falls right out. I had 4 revolvers on the range with 150 rounds of .38 special lead round nose. I never shot the other revolvers. I can not wait to shoot it again. I just stripped the Uberti cheezy red finish off , that hides the curl and black stripes. The two piece grips did not come off the same European Black Walnut tree. Being Twilight, I love it that way !!!! The Uberti finish hides the real beauty of these grips. Formby's Wood Oil Satin finish really makes the wood, "POP!!!!" I have to buy another one with an 8" barrel 44/40 , 45 Colt, or both. Kirst converters sells a 45 ACP drop in cylinder for the 45 Colt model for $130. I have an 1851" Man With No Name", conversion on backorder. Cimarron Sickness ! I want them all !!! Too many Guns, not enough ammo !!! If you can only afford one revolver, this is it. I saved the best for last. All my Cimarrons are wonderful ! Twilight Onearmbiker (Posted on 5/7/13)
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