1858 New Army .45 LC, 8 in. Barrel

1858 New Army ..45 LC, 8 in. Barrel

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Cimarron has taken the well respected 1858 New Model Army/Navy and improved it for the modern shooter's needs. The 1858 New Model Army was originally made in rimfire and center fire metallic cartridges and priced for the civilian trade at $9.00. Like the 1872 Open Top, these revolvers were not converted from a percussion model but instead were manufactured to fire a cartridge.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU CA1000
Caliber .45 LC
Barrel Length 8 in.
Style Standard Blue
Frame Forged Steel
Finish Standard Blue
Grip 2 Piece Walnut
Overall Length No
Weight 2.80 Lbs.


Customer Reviews (6)

Love this revolver!Review by Macprowler
I like the older looking revolvers with the webbing, and was down to the Outlaw and this 1858 conversion. I chose this one because I loved the look of the octagon barrel. It is a heavy revolver, but it makes shooting the 45LC round much easier. The heavy barrel helps control the recoil and makes this gun very accurate. I ended up buying a second one to double my fun! The wood/bluing and brass makes a beautiful gun in my opinion. I prefer shooting the longer barreled revolvers. I have an 8" Ruger bisley which is a bit smoother and also fun to shoot, but I prefer my 1858 conversion revolvers!! (Posted on 7/8/2015)
Awesome gun!!Review by Don
This is my first Cimarron gun and defiantly not my last. Smooth shooting, great workmanship, price and handling. The 1858 conversion brings back the past. I wanted a 45 to match my Henry rifle. I'm not disappointed!! (Posted on 12/17/2014)
My second 1858 conversion !!!Review by Twilight Onearmbiker
This is my night stand revolver ! It shoots most wonderful , with a lot of power. I love taking it apart and cleaning it . I stripped off the finish and oiled the grip. The select European black Walnut is stunning. You get what you pay for at Cimarron ! I can not decide on which Cimarron revolver to buy next or to shoot at the range. These revolvers are so accurate , stunning ,and tough. I want them all !!!! I have Cimarron sickness and I love it !!!! (Posted on 8/31/2013)
My night stand revolver !Review by Twilight Onearmbiker
This thing wore me out on the range ! Too strong for my weak hand !! I bought it to keep loaded on my night stand. I will shoot it again next month and strip the grip. I feel so blessed to own this revolver and the 1858 New Navy also. My favorite is the 1858 New Navy in .38 special. I recommend that you buy them both. This revolver is mean and nasty ! I think that it is a better design over the 1851 , 1860, and 1873 Colt. I love owning all of them. All Cimarrons are beautiful , accurate ,and tough ! Get a life and buy a Cimarron revolver today !!! (Posted on 8/7/2013)
I finally bought a big boy gun !!!!!Review by Twilight Onearmbiker
This is my 9th Uberti-Cimarron revolver. I have one hand and the 45 Colt caliber is too strong for my weak hand. I shot it last , after shooting 150 rounds of .38 special lead round nose in my other Cimarrons. It kicks like a mule !!!! It is very accurate ! I love it and I am so happy that I own it. Next month ,I am going to shoot it again and strip the grip. This will be my night stand revolver ! I feel so blessed and thankful ! I now own more Cimarrons than Uberties . Cimarron sickness, I am Koo Koo for Cimarron ! If you love to shoot a lot , buy the 1858 New Navy in .38 special. Buy both if you can !!! "Look out for the crazies ! " Twilight Onearmbiker (Posted on 8/7/2013)
It's got style. I like it. Feels good in my hand. Shoots good too.Review by bittercreek1
I like the old west post cap-n-ball. The 1858 Remington is my favorite. This gun is similar, has weight, good balance, is accurate and fits my hand. It's one of my favorite wheel guns. (Posted on 8/2/2013)

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