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1885 High Wall Sporting Rifle 30-40 KRAG, 30" Oct. Barrel

1885 High Wall Sporting Rifle 30-40 KRAG, 30
So-called the "High Wall," because the receiver's high sides conceal all of the hammer except for it's spur, the 1885 Model Winchester was the brainchild of 24-year old John Moses Browning, who patented the design in October of 1879. Between 1880 and 1883, the Browning brothers produced about 550 rifles in Ogden, Utah. However when an arms dealer and Winchester agent saw one, he immediately sent a sample to Winchester in New Haven, Connecticut. Vice president and general manager, Thomas G. Bennett, was so impressed with the gun's simplicity and ease/speed of operation that he personally traveled from New Haven to Ogden to purchase the rights to the rifle. After incorporating some minor improvements, Winchester began manufacturing the "High Wall" in 1885-1920, with about 139,725 rifles built! Cimarron is proud to offer the 1885 High Wall Sporting Rifle replica in the more stylish "Thin Side" style with a plain, straight walnut stock or a deluxe pistol-gripped, hand checkered stock and forearm--both with tapered knurled tips. Our High Wall is available in a richly blued, 30-inch octagon barrel and butt plate, a color case -hardened receiver, hammer, lever and single trigger, and adjustable buckhorn rear and either a pinned blade or globe-type front sight. Calibers offered are .45-70, .45-90. .40-65, .38-55, .30-40 Krag, .348 Winchester, or the "Big Medicine" .405 Winchester. Shooters are sure to love what some have called a compact and refined Sharps!
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More Information
More Information
Caliber 30-40 KRAG
Style 1885 High Wall
Frame Case Hardened
Finish Standard Blue
Stock/Forearm Walnut
Weight 10.15 Lbs.

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