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1858 Remington Army Stainless .44 Cal 8"

One of the most heavily used revolvers of the Civil War, with about 106,000 purchased by the U.S. Government, Remington's New Model Army, now commonly referred to as the 1858 Army, was the stiffest competitor to Colt's 1860 Army model. After hostilities between the north and south ceased, the six-shooter became a mainstay out West for many years, seeing use by the famed 10th Cavalry "Buffalo Soldiers," Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer and other frontier notables. The 1858's reputation was such that of a total of 122,000 guns made, most of them saw extensive use. Like the mid-19th century model, Cimarron's .44 caliber replica has an 8-inch octagonal barrel, or with a handy 5 1/2-inch barrel. Our Army model sports a handsome blue finish overall, brass trigger guard, two-piece walnut grips, post-type front sight and grooved top strap rear sight--and its parts are interchangeable with the original. Cimarron also offers a version with a color case hardened frame. The 1858 can be had in standard blue, charcoal blue, or stainless steel. Here's a faithful reproduction of one of the most popular shooting irons of the 19th century!
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More Information
More Information
Caliber .44
Barrel Length 8 in.
Style 1858 Army Stainless
Finish Stainless Steel
Grip 2 Piece Walnut
Weight 2.59 Lbs.

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