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Cimarron Champions


Evil RoyEvil Roy
-1995 World and National Modern Class Champion
-1998 Traditional Class World Champion
-2000 Overall National Champion
-2001 Overall World Champion
-2003 World and National Senior Class Champion
-2004 World and National Senior Class World Champion
-World Speed Pistol and Speed Shotgun, three time Couples and three time Family World Champion and Spirit of Game award with Wicked Felina and Holy Terror. Lots of regional and state overalls. Currently Regional and State Champion in my area.

As one of the all time top Cowboy Action Shooters in the U.S.A., Evil Roy has held National and World champion titles. His granddaughter, Holy Terror, also holds National and World championship titles in both youth and adult classes. His wife, Wicked Felina, is also a serious shooter. The family competes together in most SASS Regional, National and World championship matches. Evil Roy, Wicked Felina and Holy Terror are the '1st family of CAS'.

"Cimarron has high quality firearms and has made the commitment in time and money to develop and improve their line to help us stay on top in Cowboy Action Shooting." - Evil Roy

Wicked FelinaWicked Felina
-3 time couples World Champion
-Many time regional and state class champion Sprit of Game award.

"I like my Cimarron Evil Roy pistols because they are light-weight and balanced. My Cimarron 1873 rifle is the best rifle I've ever shot. It is quick and dependable." -Wicked Felina

Holy TerrorHoly Terror
-5 time Junior Female World Champion
-3 time overall Ladies World and National Champion
-National Junior Champion -3 time World Family Champion
-Sprit of Game award. Many time regional Overall Lady Champion.

"I like shooting Cimarron rifles and Evil Roy pistols because they are so reliable. I never have to worry about them letting me down." -Holy Terror

Pistol Packn' PaulaPistol Packin' Paula
Pistol Packin' Paula is not just the girl next door. When Paula gets ready for her work, as a western entertainer, she grabs her nickel plated .45 Cimarrons instead of a briefcase. She twirls and shoots her two .45 Cimarron revolvers and is the only woman in the U.S. who twirls real guns professionally.

-1994, The Wild West Arts Club in Las Vegas
-NV presented her with the International World Championship for her gun twirling
-1999, Wild Bill Hickok Days in Deadwood SD presented her with 3rd place for International World Championship Gun Spinning
-2003, The Wild West Arts Club in Las Vegas presented her with 2nd place again in the International
-World Championship Gun Spinning.

"I love to twirl Cimarrons because they are very balanced guns right off the shelf and they are very sturdy guns for shooting. But most of all, the people are very nice and friendly to deal with, especially the ones that do my fine tuning on my guns. So if you are looking for a well priced and durable gun Cimarron is the way to go!” -Pistol Packin' Paula

Badlands BenBadlands Ben
-2000 South Central Regional "Range War" Jr. Boy
-2001 South Central Regional "Range War" Jr. Boy
-2001 Texas State Rifle Association Jr. Boy
-2003 National Championship "Winter Range" 2nd Overall
-2004 South West Regional Champion Men's Traditional
-2002 World Championship "End Of Trail" Top Twenty
-2003 World Championship "End Of Trail" Top Twenty,
-2004 World Championship "End Of Trail" Top Twenty.

"I enjoy shooting my Cimmaron Model P's because they have the antique looks of the original guns of the old west. Now that I have started shooting 'gunfighter' style, the lighter pistols are a nice bonus. The smaller framed guns fit my hands and give me a good grip on the guns. Being a champion is a state of mind. Jesus Christ gives everyone the chance to be a champion. When He is first in your life, you are a champion no matter where you place." -Badlands Ben

Shalako JoeShalako Joe
-2002 SASS World Championship
-2001 SASS Texas State Championship
-2002 SASS Texas State Championship
-2002 High Plains Regional 2002 South Western Regional
-2002 Texas State Rifle Association
Men's Traditional:
-2001 South Western Regional
-2002 High Plains Regional
-2002 South Western Regional
-2004 South East Regiona

"I decided to use Cimarron Firearms because the 1873 Deluxe Border Rifle has the best action of all the rifles I have tried and the Model P pistols are lighter and very well made. I go to about two local matches every month for practice. It is important to practice with the right techniques so the practice time I get is more effective. As for being a champion, God gave me an ability to handle firearms and to think fast under pressure." -Shalako Joe

Jim RodgersJim Rodgers

"Cimarron Single Actions are at the top of my list for balance, reliability and authenticity. Attention to detail makes the Cimarron look and feel just like the originals of the late 1800s. They have all of the correct period markings, bevels, and millings. No other brand has this complete detail, not even Colt. I now complete with a pair of the new Stainless Steel Models. In my opinion they are the finest Competition Single Action available today." -Jim Rodgers

Annie Bianco EllettAnnie Bianco-Ellett
Annie Bianco Ellett, Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) World Champion Cowgirl and Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) Overall World Champion, is perhaps the most recognized person in all of cowboy mounted shooting and has helped revolutionize the sport. She is the first and only woman in mounted shooting to win a world title overall. Annie travels the country competing and offering shooting seminars. Her student following is world wide. Annie’s shooting and riding skills have been featured on ESPN, Outdoor Life Network, TNN and Fox Sports Television. Articles about her have appeared in numerous books, and worldwide magazines, where she has graced many of the covers. No stranger to the spotlight, Annie has had a successful career in modeling that has spanned two decades, and was recognized as one of Daimler Chrysler’s Top Presenters at Automotive New Product & Concept Introductions Nationwide. She has a marketing degree from Saint Mary’s Notre Dame, Southern Indiana.

Annie is the currently the National spokesperson for CMSA and the frontwoman of the Prestigious Cimarron Firearms Team of World Champions. As a shooting enthusiast, she is a member of the National Rifle Association and SASS. She is also a life American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and American Paint Horse Association member in the horse world. Her national champion AQHA foundation stallion, El Costa Prom is highly sought for breeding across the country and is the winningest horse in the sport of mounted shooting.

Annie makes her home at her ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona with husband Dave Ellett a retired National Hockey League All-star and daughter Sierra Lyn. They all enjoy spending their summers in Canada. For more information look on:

- SASS Overall World Mounted Shooter
- CMSA National Champion
- SASS World Champion Mounted Shooter
- Annie’s shooting skills have appeared on TNN, EXPN, Outdoor Channel and National magazines. (American Cowboy, Western Horseman, Women’s Shooting Sports and True West) Featured in upcoming Random House.
- Stunt woman and shooting double on CBS Walker Texas Ranger in Dallas, TX
- Celebrity co-host of Charity Team Roping with Barry Corbin (actor) Callas 1995

"After wining a set of Cimarrons for overall cowgirl mounted shooter at a CMSA event, I decided to try them! After all they are what I have referred dozens of my students to shoot due to their excellent reputation of quality, durabiltiy and reasonable pricing. I have always competed with colts, but the truth is colts are too expensive for most of my students! so I am happy to say I am loving competing with my Cimarron 45s, along with my students and am proud to be a team Cimarron world champion shooter!" -Annie Bianco-Ellett

Phil SpangenbergerPhil Spangenberger
One of Guns & Ammo magazine’s Field Editors, Phil Spangenberger been a regular part of this best selling firearms publication for over 30 years. He served for more than two decades as a staff editor, feature writer, and columnist. Now as a free-lancer, he serves as a Field Editor, contributing feature stories and his regular column, “Gun Smoke,” which is devoted to covering original and replica firearms and related gear for Old West enthusiasts, classic arms collectors, and sports shooters. Having earned quite a following with single-action sixgun fans, Phil is considered as the man who inspired the exciting equestrian and shooting sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting. As a founding member of this fast-action equestrian/shooting sport, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association, better known as the CMSA. The Spangenberger name has become a familiar one in the entertainment industry too. He’s been featured as an on-camera interviewee in several top television programs such as The History Channel’s “Tales Of The Gun,” “Modern Marvels,” and most recently, their “Wild West Tech” series, starring Keith Carradine. In this series, he often works behind the scenes as well, functioning as a historical consultant and re-enactor coordinator, supplying authentic looking actors, horses, saddlery, and other props and equipment of the frontier era, helping give the show its unique, authentic flavor.

- 1997 World Top Division 4
- 1998 World Top Division 4
- Top Performance Horse and Rider award, while riding our buckskin quarter horse "Wyatt," at the Arizona State CMSA Championships in 1999.

"In addition to the quality and reliability of Cimarron's guns, they possess a certain look and feel that says "Old West". Mike Harvey has always taken extra steps to capture more authenticity and that added flavor in his guns. To those of us that appreciate the"gen-u-wine" look of the frontier, Cimarron has got it right!" - Phil Spangenberger

Joey DillonJoey Dillon
Joey Dillon is a mesmerizing act to watch. He can spin guns faster than anyone could dream of when they were watching westerns growing up. Though he doesn't compete in CAS, his skills and showmanship that he uses to entertain people as he travels the U.S. are something that keep the spirit of the West alive.

-2 world championship titles in Gunspinning,
-Las Vegas Wild West Arts Club Championship
-He has appeared on The History Channel alongside Keith Caradine, and performed backstage for Randy Travis, who said he was "the best he has seen". Joey performs all over the country and is just starting to break into western films as well, where he will carry on the western art to new audiences.

"I chose to use Cimarron for the fact that they use a higher grade metal, and make great efforts to keep the guns looking as authentic as possible. I'm am rougher on my guns than any shooter. I drop them on all sorts of surfaces and perform some rough trick firing routines. I've got to have good quality for them to last. The Harvey's and their employees were really accommodating and easy to work with as well, and that's just as important to me, especially if I am going to recommend them." -Joey Dillon

Marshal Harland Wolff Marshal Harland Wolff
Marshal Harland Wolff started CAS in 1992 when his first rifle was a Cimarron 1873. Since then, he has worked to become one of the very few fine custom cowboy gunsmiths in the world.

-6 Time (1999-2004) S.A.S.S. North Carolina State Champion "The Uprising at Swearing Creek”
-2 Time (1997 & 1999) S.A.S.S. Southeast Regional Champion "Shootout At Mule Camp"
-1998 Top All Around Cowboy "Shootout At Mule Camp" -2000 S.A.S.S. South Carolina State Championship Overall & Shoot Out Winner "Shootout at Givhans Ferry"
-1994 Traditional Champion "Appalachian Showdown" Rifle: 1873 Deluxe Border Rifle in .45 Colt; custom engraved, plated, and inlaid.

“Cimarron firearms have never failed me or any of my customers so there was no doubt in who to call when I wanted a truly unique and special rifle for myself. I would personally shoot no other rifle in competition! Cimarron firearms are well made have the best fit and finish that I have seen.” -Marshal Harland Wolff


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