Dead On Bob

I am proud to be one of six young gun shooters to be representing Cimarron Fire Arms Company for the year 2015. I have used four different sets of revolvers total. I started out with a set of borrowed 22's then I got  my own set. when I started to shoot 45's I borrowed one of my uncles revolvers until I got a second one. For the last year or so ,before I got my new guns, I was borrowing a set of 45's from a fellow shooter than I got my Cimarron guns.My new guns are the best set of revolvers that I have used. for all young guns that want to represent a great company I would recommend Cimarron FA. CO.

Little Bullseye

Thank you Cimarron for my 2015 Young Guns "Pietta Thunder Ball 8" pistols. My pistols are awesome and fast, the bird head grips and the short stroke hammer allow me to move faster through stages. I hope to influence may other young ladies to partake in cowboy action shooting and enjoy this great sport as much as I do. I believe that The Young Guns Program is a great way to support young and new upcoming shooters. Thank you so much again for my pistol Cimarron!

2015 SASS Stats:

1st place, Buckarrett SASS Comancheria Days 2015 at The Texican Rangers

1st Place, Buckarrett 2015 SASS Texas State Championship at Plum Creek Shooting Society

Little Red Sure Shot
Being a Cimarron Young gun has been a big motivator for me, it feels good and pushes me to improve myself knowing that the people at Cimarron see something in me. It’s a great program that I know will give many more young shooters confidence and a great start to their shooting career.  It has been a great experience for me. I have met lots of new shooters who have helped me in many ways. I love my new set of Pietta Thunderstorm pistols; they are great guns with smooth actions. They were exceptional right out of the box, and are my favorite out of any revolvers I have shot. Thank you Cimarron for making this possible and choosing me as one of your 2015 Young Guns, I take pride in being associated with the Cimarron name.  
2015 SASS Stats:

Ohio State Championship – 3rd place Lady Young Gun

 Guns of August (Mideast Regional) – 2nd place Lady Young Gun

 Indiana State Championships – 1st place Lady Young Gun (Indiana State Champion)

Lady Young Gun Speed Rifle, Pistol, and .22 Combo

Choctaw Kid
With my new guns from Cimarron I got 1st place Buckaroo at Indiana State and won Buckaroo speed pistol, speed rifle, and 22 combo.
Before I got the pistols at  Ohio State I won 1st place Buckaroo and Best Dressed Buckaroo. At Guns of August I won 1st place Buckaroo and Best Dressed Young Gun Boy. I have also gotten 1st place Buckaroo at several different clubs in Ohio and Indiana. 

CopperBottom Colt
I was really excited to get my new pistols from Cimarron Firearms Company. Being selected as a Young Gun has motivated me to practice more and to talk to more people at shoots.  I got to meet Tex and Cat Ballou at Mason Dixon. Since receiving the pair of revolvers, my confidence and sense of responsibility for promoting gun safety and gun ownership has increased.  Thanks for selecting me as a 2015 Cimarron Young Gun!
Skeeter Lee
It has been an honor to be selected as a member of Cimarron’s 2015 Young Guns.  It has been an amazing experience.  Without the help of Cimarron, I would not be able to do what I have done today.  The guns I received are great.  They function well and are very fun to shoot.  




 Young Guns Applicants Video



Capitan Regulator
This is a great program for the young shooters in our sport, and I believe this program will help in getting the younger generation involved in cowboy action shooting. Plus the revolvers received are, and they run, very nicely.

2014 SASS Stats:

1st Place Gunfighter, New Mexico State Championship 

1st Place Gunfighter, Four Corners Regional Championship

1st Place Gunfighter at every match I since receiving the revolvers


Helen Highwater
I was so excited to get my new guns! From the beginning of my cowboy action shooting career I had switched between three different sets of guns, my 22's and two borrowed sets of 32's. I am very thankful for the people who have helped me along the way. Now that I have my own guns, I can practice more and feel the speed that I have gained because of the consistency of using one set, my set.
Cimarron has giving me the hope and confidence I need to push forward and be a top shooter.

2014 SASS Stats:

5th place, Junior Girl SASS Western Regional 2014

2nd Place, Ladies Young Gun- Legends Of The West 2014

1st place, Ladies Black Powder Night Shoot-Gunfight Behind The Jersey Lilly 2014

2nd place, Jounior Girl- Gunfight Behind The Jersey Lilly 2014


Morguns Ann Ammo
The Cimarron young gun program is a great opportunity for young shooters and something I'm proud to be apart of. Cimarron’s sponsorship pushed me to be an even better shooter and to practice harder.
The process to get sponsored made me pretty nervous because this was the first time its happened. There were no examples to compare to. When I found out I hadn't been eliminated yet, and I was in the top sixteen, I was really excited but also got even more nervous. When they called for the interview, it was scary at first but they were so nice and easy to talk to. I calmed down and forgot my fears.

I made some new friends thanks to this program. In my opinion Cimarron chose a great group of kids, and I had a great time hanging out with them.
The revolvers I received are beautiful guns. They are quality made, shoot great, and easy to handle.

2014 SASS Stats:

Arroyo Cantua, April 3-6: First place Buckarette, and Top Lady in the shoot off.

Shootout at Fort Miller, April 17-19: High Lady, and First place BuckaretteCalifornia State Championships, May 1-4: Second place Buckarette

High Sierra Shootout, May 22-25: High Lady, and First place Buckarette

End of Trail the World Championships, June 19-29: First place Buckarette, Texas Surrender side match Ladies category, and Worlds Fastest Young Gun side matchWestern Regional Championships, August 6-10: First place Junior Girls, first place Speed Pistol side match, second place Speed Rifle side match, and third place Speed Shotgun side match

Also at the Western Regional Championships the D Bar J hat company had a camera crew follow me around for a few days for a reality show they are starting soon. I was also asked to present the DFM award that D Bar J gives out every year at the Western Regionals.


Nick Nitro
I love shooting my new Pietta Pistols, and I am very proud to be in the first group of recipients for the Cimarron Young Guns Program.

2014 SASS Stats:

4-26-14 Utah State Championship 2nd place Young Gun

5-17-14 Smudge Match Black Powder Utah State Championship 1st Place Buckaroo

6-28-14 End of Trail World Championship 3rd place Buckeroo, 3rd place
Junior Costume Contest

8-23-14 Western Legends Roundup in Kanab, UT 1st place Buckeroo.

Other:  April- May 2014:  Emery Rodeo Shoot 1st, Price Rodeo shoot 4th
Morgan Rodeo Shoot 2nd, Wasatch rodeo shoot 1st, Lehi Rodeo shoot 1st, and
Grantsville rodeo shoot 4th.


Pecos Nick
I just wanted to take a moment to say what a great opportunity the Cimarron Young Guns sponsorship program has been for me as a shooter. All of the folks at Cimarron are great people and are a pleasure to work with. They are definitely familiar with the high standards of competition shooting and deliver on them with ease. It gives me a great deal of confidence in myself as a shooter to know that such a prestigious and influential company to the sport chose to back me.

I have always supported Cimarron F.A.C., the product they provide is simply amazing. My first lever gun was a Cimarron Model 1873, and I have been competing with one ever since. In my opinion the quality of the rifle is unmatched, and the pistols they provided were no different. Out of the box the guns had smooth actions and were ready for competition. The way the pistols point is superb, the grip feels just right in your hand, and the fit and finish of the color case hardening and bluing is just stunning. I am easily able to burn down stages wielding these fine firearms. I have shot one of my fastest matches with these pistols.

I’d like to send my gratitude to all of those at Cimarron F.A.C. and especially Jamie Wayt and Joe Nuemann. Their hard work is what made all of this possible for us junior shooters of SASS. To all those interested in competing in the 2nd round of this fantastic program definitely give it a shot. As you know, SASS is about the people, this competition will give you an opportunity to meet great people and make new friends. You cannot find a better group of people to work with. I wish all those that apply good luck and success in their effort. Thanks again to Cimarron and I look forward to seeing you all down the trail.

2014 SASS Stats:
 2014 World Champion Duelist at End Of Trail
 2014 Nevada State Champion Duelist
2014 Men’s Overall Nevada State Champion


Ivy Hills
My Young Guns experience was so unique and such a once in a life time opportunity. I met so many amazing people that I am so glad to have befriended.

2014 SASS Stats:
1st Place, Washington State Young Gun Champion, third lady overall
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