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Cimarron Firearms Continues Young Guns Program With  A. Uberti


Cimarron is looking for young men and women who are aiming high in shooting sports, in academics, and in preserving our country’s history.  While a commitment to academics is important in the selection process, it is not the only factor.  These “Young Guns” must also demonstrate the drive and determination to be their personal best.  Those that become a Cimarron Young Gun will not only have assistance in acquiring the tools of the trade, but will become part of the family of Cimarron sponsored shooters and performers.


Cimarron’s Young Guns program will select a combination of 4 young men and women for the calendar year of 2020-21.  Each participant will receive a pair of Uberti revolvers.   Each Young Gun must agree to being photographed and filmed for inclusion in communications regarding the program.


Create a video about yourself, telling us who you are as a student and a shooter, and your future aspirations.  The video should be 3 ½ to 5 minutes long.  Upload the video to a video sharing site (YouTube)  and include the link in your application.

 With your application, please upload 2 to 4 letters of recommendation and your most recent report card.

You may open the form, see what's required, and close it without submitting.  But once you start the application, have all of the components ready.  You cannot save and come back to finish at a later time.



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