1866 Yellowboy Carbine With Saddle Ring 32 WCF, 19

1866 Yellowboy Carbine With Saddle Ring 32 WCF, 19" Round Barrel

1866 Yellowboy "Pawnee" Carbine w/ Brass Tacks 45 Colt, 19 in. Rnd.

Cimarron Firearms is the leader in quality and authenticity in Old West replica firearms. The Yellowboy ‘Pawnee’ CarbineTM is a replica of a Winchester Yellowboy spotted carbine. The most prized possession of the warriors of Sioux and other tribes. Sioux Chief ‘Pawnee Killer’ placed one tack in his carbine for each Pawnee he killed. He had more than 100 tacks embellishing his weapon.

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Originally known as the "Improved Henry" due to its patented loading gate on the side of the frame, designed by Nelson King, Winchester's plant superintendent, and the addition of a wood forearm, the 1866 model was known as the "Yellow Boy" by the Native Americans, because of its brass frame. The '66 model was the first true cowboy lever-action and the first that adapted well to carrying in a saddle scabbard, due to its slab sided design. With over 170,000 made between 1866-1898--it's popularity continued long after more powerful lever guns were introduced. The '66 model was famous worldwide, with guns used by the forces of Benito Juarez in Mexico, the Turkish army in their fight against the Russians and in the Wild West by such notables as Sioux Medicine Man Sitting Bull, the Union Pacific's chief engineer, General Grenville Dodge, and desperado Bill Doolin. Cimarron offers several 1866 Yellowboys, such as the 24-inch barreled Sporting Rifle, a 20-inch Short Rifle (both of these models sport octagon barrels), round barreled carbines including the 19-inch saddle ring carbine, a brass tack-decorated 19-inch "Pawnee" carbine, and a 16-inch Trapper model.