1911 Semi Automatic .45 ACP, 5" Barrel-Parkerized

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The 1911 is a model favored by gun enthusiasts of many varieties. It was the standard issue side arm for the U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. The Cimarron 1911 is our first semi-automatic offering. This firearm is the next logical step for Cimarron; as this was the next generation of firearm used en masse in World War I. The Cimarron 1911 has the correct historical markings, the original 1911 frame with a Type 1 smooth mainspring housing. It has a lifetime warranty and is Colt parts compliant.
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Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1911
Caliber .45 ACP
Mag. Cap. 8 Rnd.
Capacity 8 + 1
Style Military Replica
Frame No
Finish Standard|Parkerized
Grip Diamond Checkered Walnut
Overall Length No
Weight 2.47 Lbs.

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Customer Reviews (19)

Great 1911Review by Ajgtanker
I fired the Cimarron 1911 at the range. The POA is dead on, even with the GI sights. It fed all ball and 3 types of JHP with no failures. I even tried an original 1911 slide and barrel with no loss of accuracy or failures. The GI parts dropped right in. It is a great 1911 copy. (Posted on 4/27/2017)
Close enough 1911 cloneReview by Jefe
I have the parkerized model. Not a 100% clone, but close enough.
Changed grips and mag for more realism.
Noted that slide does not lock back after last round w/ certain non GI mags- Mecgars seem to function OK
Also that Silver Bear ammo has a tendency to not chamber all the way.
Other then these issues, good to go.
Not bad for the price (Posted on 10/6/2016)
Fantastic reproReview by wvmedic
My wife bought my Cimarron 1911 at Cabela's on clearance for $400! I love this 1911. I especially like the patent dates on the left side of the slide. They should have marked the right side with the "Model 1911 US Army", but oh well. The only real difference between this 1911 and the originals is the lowered ejection port. I didn't like the light color of the grips, so I replaced them with oiled double diamond walnut stocks. This is a series 70 1911, just like the originals. And, it has the original low sights unlike the Remington R1's that have those stupid looking high sights. If you want a 1911 just like those carried in WWI, but can't afford an original 1918, this pistol is an awesome reproduction and a real bargain for the money. I love mine. (Posted on 1/9/2016)
Fantastic!Review by AJ
I bought one of these through my local gun shop and...I love it. The parkerizing is perfect, the fit and finish is perfect, the weight is perfect, everything about this weapon is perfect.

A few of the markings are off (it says 1911A1 instead of 1911 on the frame), but I don't care about that. The Cimmarron logo on the frame is a nice touch and reminds you that this is a clone, a well put together clone that would make John Browning proud, I'm sure though.

It also has the grip safety that wasn't introduced until the A1 model, but other than that it looks and feels like a 1911.

When I fired it I felt like a Doughboy in the trenches, and that's what matters. It was accurate from both a one-handed and two-handed grip.

Overall, this is a fantastic gun that can be had for around $600. (Posted on 7/5/2015)
Nice Basic GunReview by Rob O
Just put the first 150 rounds through this gun and it functioned great with no hiccups. Look forward to getting back to the range and getting better with this pistol. One note however is the parkerization seems to be easily scratched. Take your rings off before handling. (Posted on 6/15/2015)
5 Star ...if there was 6 for value I give itReview by Major II
After some searching for the HP Blue (seemed everyone including Cimarron was BO'ed)
I bought this one NIB off Gun-broker.
It did not disappoint me, the USA finished Blue is high quality and the diamond grips are very nice.
Came with just one Magazine also high polish blue , but it has a Bumper extension which is fine for carry I suppose, but not for Wild Bunch acceptably.
Ebay came through and I bought 5 Chip McCormick magazines for $60
That was a SCORE !
The matte finish guns are a bargain, but I suggest you opt for the US Finish High Polish Blue ( and you get the diamond grips rather than the smooth )
I've sent WB Lead, FMJ & Hollow points down range with no hiccups.

(Posted on 11/8/2014)
excellent .Review by SpynalIG
The price was great , the quality is great . It's a pleasure to shoot and built like a tank . I have no complaints with this gun whatsoever . If you're looking for a really decent entry level 1911 , look no further . (Posted on 6/7/2014)
not entirely accurate reproduction of an as issued WWI M1911.Review by rustyshackleford
This is not an entirely credible reproduction of an as issued, WWI era M1911.


They got the frame and the smooth back mainspring housing right, but everything else is NOT authentic for a 1911.

1. The trigger is serrated, should be smooth faced.
2. Hammer spur is flat sided (should be lengthened and not flat sided.)
3. Wood grips lacking diamond pattern.
4. Front sight is rounded, but should also be tapered (it's not.)
5. Rear sight should be U-shaped instead of square.
6. Finish is Parkerized (they were blued back in WWI.)
7. I'm not so sure about the thumb safety and slide release levers.
8. And would it have bankrupted you people to have included a reproduction 7 round magazine with lanyard loop instead of an 8 round after market magazine?!

These were the differences I detected and I'm far from an expert. For all the trouble you went through to have this manufactured, WHY couldn't you get it right?

That being said and done, it was a reliable shooter at the range and I was able to engage a silhouette target at 25 yards

(Posted on 4/20/2014)
Not an old Colt but still good to shoot.Review by Eck
I bought the high polish blue model and waited a long while to get it. The finishing is done in the States and it was very high quality. I should have bought the standard parkerized finish pistol; as I would have saved money and had just as good a shooter. The pistol is a good shooter; and field strips just like the originals...straightforward and easy like Ol' John Moses designed it. I saw the pictures advertised and ordered it; but was disappointed when I got it in my hands. The pistol does not faithfully follow the original 1911 and 1911A1s in profile and contour of parts, or in their fitting. Hold this pistol against an original and the differences are glaring...not subtle. The orignal was a sleek thoroughbred and there is no excuse for this not to be an exact copy. Get the parkerized, less expensive pistol and treat it as rough as you want with no remorse. (Posted on 2/4/2014)
Love this HandgunReview by Lakota
I purchased my pistol from a local Tactical Shooters shop and love the fact this is made like the original series 70 model / style as opposed to the series80. Simple ,basic , Great Price and shoot's very well. Stripped her down cleaned and oiled each part and took her to the range , no problems shooting several different 230grain ball ammo. Is it a nighthawk custom or a Wilson combat custom gun no it is not.But it is a 1911 .45acp that
you can build upon if you choose. The fit and finish of the gun was good no rattling parts when I picked it up and shook it , after a 100 rounds I took it to my local gunsmith and had him tweak a few things and I'm very satisfied with it. Adding a few Ed Brown parts to it soon just because I want to for personalization.
I would recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a basic military style .45 , or is new to handguning. (Posted on 1/29/2014)
Excellent buyReview by Orion
My wife bought me this 1911 for our anniversary at Cabela's for $400. I think it's a well put together firearm with a nice black parkerized finish. It's much nicer than the Springfield Armory USGI that I own and paid the same amount of money for. I love the patent dates stamped into the left side of the slide. These are series 70 type 1911's. While I haven't gone and tested it for accuracy in a rest, it does go bang every time I pull the trigger and has not failed to feed or extract. I did polish the feed ramp though before even putting a single round through it becuase it appeared to be slightly rough. I wish Cimarron hadn't used a slide with a lowered ejection port just to keep the gun more in line with the original. I also did not like the magazine with that overly large base pad that comes with the gun. But, that's easy enough to fix, just get a different mag. They should ship the guns with the lanyard ring mag that they offer as an extra. Overall, great gun at a very affordable price. If you are thinking of buying someone else's "custom" 1911, buy two of these instead. (Posted on 12/1/2013)
Excellent GunReview by David LeVeille
The finish is military spec. stampings on gun are sharp and clear. Gun works great and did not need a break in period. Gun reminds me of when I carried a 1911A1 in the US Army 1972-195. As good as the higher priced guns if not better. (Posted on 11/24/2013)
dam good gunReview by bigscott44705
good gun, very good price (Posted on 11/21/2013)
Great Entry Level 1911Review by C.W.
I was in the market for a G.I. model 1911. Im not really a fan of "Beaver Tails" or "skeletonized" hammers or triggers. This model meets all my requirements.
As a 1911 made in the Phillipines by the company ARMSCOR which also makes the ROCK ISLAND 1911 which a few of my friends have. I find that the Cimarron has a slightly longer recoil spring, so the .45 ACP kicks less then the ROCK ISLAND 1911. Also this being a historical replica it does not have huge "billboard" markings on the side of the slide, which i am quite happy with. I highly recommend 1911 to anybody. (Posted on 9/3/2013)
not a coy of colts 1911Review by ricky
Why don't you try to make a real copy of the Colt 1911. This is definitely not authentic at all. I't''s somewhere between a 1911 and a 1911 A1. WHAT A JOKE. The Philippine company that makes this did a pathetic job trying to put on the engraving its not even close.I noted the Philippine companies do terrible jobs with finish.. Obviously theres no historic aspect to this fake. Get your act together. (Posted on 6/1/2013)
Buy this pistol Review by Ruff
This pistol is of very good quality. Shoot's really well, this pistol is a bare bones but that is what I wanted but has some nice features, the ejection port is inlarged , the feed is polished, my pistol did not have one malfunction shot 200 rounds the first time out.
Picked it up at an large well known sport store cost was $ 400. Great buy. The one bad thing it only had one magazine and cimarron does not sell any like the one that came with pistol (Posted on 12/29/2012)
best under $400.Review by why o why
I purchased this wanting to find a nice shooter for under $400. WOW great gun has approx 500 rounds thru it and not a glitch or hiccup. Highly recommend. (Posted on 12/20/2012)
Bread and Butter 1911Review by wheelgunner

I am taking time this morning to share a short review of the Cimarron 1911 I purchased last week.

The 5 words I have found myself telling my friends, most of whom are staunch Kimber supporters, are as such: What a pleasure to shoot!

I think you have done a wonderful job putting the 1911 together. I've owned a few automatic handguns, and have fallen in love with how simple this .45 is. Out of the box, this weapon had no issues feeding, and is accurate. Better than what I expected, to be perfectly honest. Everyone from home to the gun store was knocking my inquiries about "entry level" 1911's. Horror stories about jamming, low-quality manufacture, poor accuracy, etc came flying at me with little regard for what I was looking for. I figure that by now, technology over 100 years old should be able to be produced for the entire firearms community to enjoy, not a group of 1911 snobs convinced that the only way to own a 1911 is to drop over $1200 dollars along with your left arm.

I think your product is proof that steep investment is not required.

I am also proud to say that this .45 is my first Automatic. I am pleased with how easy this gun is to take down for cleaning. Obviously, this is one of the benefits to the 1911 design. But when shopping, seeing salespeople struggle to remove barrels and slides from today's polymer lightweight wonders makes me curious as to why people try and sell them to individuals who come right to the counter and open with "I am not familiar with automatic firearms. I want something easy to care for." The statement is usually followed with a question about what I own, which are wheel guns. Ruger wheel guns, to be precise. Simple. Practical. Reliable. Period. Salespeople then jump straight over to the most complex weapons with tons of springs and moving parts and switches and say these are the things I want in a firearm.

They should be walking the customer straight to your model 1911. I realize it isn't necessarily the solution for everyone, but it is worth a look no matter what!

Anyhow, I wanted to take the time to let you all know (before I go to the range today) that you've done the firearm community as a whole a great service, and the 1911 community a FANTASTIC service! I simply love this gun. Great job.


Off-the-books Cimarron 1911 Promoter ;) (Posted on 11/25/2012)
A Brand New Start With Simarron 1911 ( Part One)Review by Rookie Shooter
I have been toying between RI, Simarron & Shooter' Elite 1911 for awhile. Just happen to be my local dealer have Cimarron on sale, so I put all the paper works and paid for it.
Just got mine back home last week, open the box and here it is: THE 1911m .45 acp Parkerized finish semi automatic, a 7 round magzine, gun lock, and the plastic case.

Used a shop towl wapped off the oil the gun looked very sharp. The woekman ship is very good for the price. Parts fit real well (exact function will have to wait until range test).

Conducted the first stripdown, cleaned the gun inside out, reassembled is just as good as any other 1911. Not it is ready for range test and breakin of the gun.

I'm going to take it to the range this coming week, and I'll let you know the result. (to be continued) (Posted on 11/25/2012)

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