Why Cimarron Firearms is the best buy

Cimarron Firearms

Mike Harvey
Cimarron President
Cimarron is recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in replica firearms. For the past 30 years, Cimarron has worked continuously to perfect the authentic detail, fit, finish and function of our line of frontier firearms. There is no other firearm that is near equal in value, strength, reliability, and authentic detail as is the line from Cimarron Firearms Co.

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Cimarron is the leader in innovation for old west firearms reproductions, and is proud to have created the following new models, making our guns more reliable, higher in quality and historically accurate.


Revolver Details

  • Cowboy Comp® Action
  • 3 1/2” barrels with ejector
  • High polished charcoal blue screws
  • First generation Colt hammer w/no unsightly internal safety
  • Color case hardened hammer
  • First generation hammer with CCH
  • Cylinder face beveled as 1st generation
  • Pinch frame rear sight
  • Grip frame accepts Colt screws
  • US color case finish option
  • Original Finish option (antique)
  • Improved springs


Handgun Introductions

  • U.S. Cavalry Model
  • U.S.V. Artillery Model
  • Thunderer®
  • Thunderer® Mounted Shooting Gun
  • New Sheriff Model w/Ejector
  • 1872 Open Top
  • Richards-Mason® Conversion
  • Richards Type II Conversion
  • Lightning® Single Action
  • Model ‘P’
  • Model ‘P’ Jr.
  • Wyatt Earp Buntline
  • Rooster Shooter
  • Man With No Name® Conversion
  • Man With No Name® SAA
  • Stainless Model ‘P’
  • Evil Roy Competition Model
  • 1858 Remington Conversion
  • Cimarron 1911 WWI GI Issue
  • ThunderstormTM for mounted competition
  • Remington Pocket Conversion
  • Three screw action
  • Short stroke hammer throw


Revolver Markings

  • Original patent dates on SAA frames
  • Serial numbers on frame, trigger guard, backstrap and cylinder
  • Hid foreign proof marks not required by law
  • Miniaturized required proof marks
  • 19th century style wording on barrels
  • Detailed subinspector marks on U.S.Cavalry and Artillery
  • Authentic 19th century caliber markings


Rifle Details

  • High polished charcoal blue screws
  • Introduced .45 Colt, 38-40, 32-20
  • Checkered pistol grips
  • Butt Tamer™


Rifle Introductions

  • Civil War Henry
  • Rifle From Down Under
  • Billy Dixon Sharps Rifle
  • Texas Ranger Sharps Carbine
  • 1873 Short Rifle
  • 1873 Long Range
  • Texas Brush Popper
  • 1873 Saddle Shorty
  • 1873 16” Trapper
  • Little Rascal™ (Sharps)
  • 1876 Centennial
  • 1876 Carbine
  • 1876 N.W. Mounted Police


Rifle Markings

  • Cimarron Repeating Arms added on barrel
  • Kings patent date added on barrel
  • “Model 1873” added to the rifle tang
  • Henry marks match original
  • Henry Civil War model features B. Tyler Henry and principal subinspector Charles B.Chapman markings