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 There is a $10.00 minimum order on all parts (plus tax and shipping). 
In stock orders will ship within 4-5 working days. 

Shipping Charges: Small parts under 13 ounces that can safely ship in a padded envelope will ship first class for $6.00. Parts over 13 ounces will ship priority mail for $9.00. Priority mail on a small parts shipment it is available for the $9.00 rate, please ask for it in the comment section of the order. UPS may be used at our discretion in certain situations.

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  1. Cimarron Pietta Parts Nickel
    Cimarron Pietta Parts Nickel

    From $13.41

    To $856.59

  2. Cimarron Pietta Parts Blued
    Cimarron Pietta Parts Blued

    From $13.41

    To $5,317.29

  3. Cimarron Pietta Parts Stainless
    Cimarron Pietta Parts Stainless

    From $16.07

    To $4,927.24

  4. Cimarron Uberti Model No. 3 Schofield Parts
  5. Cimarron Uberti Bisley Parts
    Cimarron Uberti Bisley Parts

    From $92.70

    To $2,895.44

  6. Cimarron Uberti Open Top Parts
    Cimarron Uberti Open Top Parts

    From $61.80

    To $2,936.00

  7. Cimarron Uberti Lightning® / Model P Jr. Parts
  8. Cimarron Uberti Model P - Thunderer® - New Sheriff - Uberti Pistolero® Parts
Grid List

8 Items

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