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1847 Walker

Although Colt's five-shot Paterson, patented in 1836, had made quite a reputation for itself, especially in the fledgling Republic of Texas, fighting the Comanches, the lack of sales caused Colt's Patent Arms Manufacturing Co. to shut down. In 1846, during the war with Mexico, former Texas Ranger Sam Walker, serving with the U.S. Mounted Rifles, sought help from the inventor in hopes of obtaining an improved and more powerful revolver for his men fighting in Mexico. The result was the Walker model, and despite only about 1,100 of these massive six-shooters being produced, this iconic sixgun's power, accuracy and great range helped spread the word of Col. Colt's "repeating pistols," and put him back in the gun business! No region or state made a greater contribution than did Texas in the making of Col. Colt's firearms company, and no weapon played a greater role than did the Colt revolver in the making of Texas and the opening of the American West." Cimarron's .44 caliber Walker is detail perfect with its 9-inch blued, part-octagon/part-round barrel, back strap, trigger and cylinder, a color case-hardened frame, loading lever and hammer, brass trigger guard and one-piece slim walnut stock. Correct period stampings like "U.S." and "1847" are found on the barrel assembly and the cylinder features the roll-engraved "Ranger and Indian" scene. Cimarron's 1847 Walker is the black powder "magnum" of today!
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More Information
More Information
Caliber .44
Barrel Length 9 in.
Style 1847 Walker
Frame Case Hardened Brass T/G - B/S
Finish Standard Blue / Charcoal Blue / Original Finish
Grip 1 Piece Walnut
Weight 4.48 Lbs.
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