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1849 Wells Fargo

With the public clamoring for a quality, accurate pocket-sized weapon, Colt knew he could fulfill the need. By carefully studying the big Dragoon revolver and determining what features necessary in a large belt revolver could be removed from a smaller pocket-type pistol, he eliminated about 85 of the roughly 480 separate operations required to produce his earlier sixguns, thus creating the first pocket revolver made by Colt's facility in Hartford, Connecticut. Dubbed the "Baby Dragoon," and made without a loading lever, Colt turned out about 15,000 of them between 1847-1850, and the public loved them! Because the Wells Fargo stage lines purchased some of these Baby Dragoons, collectors have named them the "Wells Fargo Model," nonetheless, they were so popular with the miners, expressmen and gamblers along San Francisco's Barbary Coast, that the Colt factory was unable to keep up with the orders. Cimarron makes this 4-inch octagon-barreled, .31 caliber, pocket pistol with the Standard Blue, Charcoal Blue, or their Original Finish, color case hardening, and a one-piece walnut stock and brass back strap and trigger guard. This little "five-shooter" is one that any sporting gent would be proud to slip into his waistband for an adventurous turn at the tables!
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More Information
More Information
Caliber .31
Style 1849 Model
Frame Case Hardened Brass T/G - B-S
Finish Standard Blue / Charcoal Blue / Original Finish
Grip 1 Piece Walnut
Weight 1.48 Lbs.

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