Cowboy Comp U.S. Action Job

Cimarron Firearms Co. is proud to offer select models with an optional Cowboy Comp® U.S. Action Job!  Cowboy Comp® (CC) is a Cimarron Firearms exclusive, and can turn any of Cimarron’s cartridge revolvers into a fine-tuned, competition-ready firearm.  Cimarron’s Cowboy Comp® U.S. Action Job comes standard with its ARIZONA RANGERTM and Thunderstorm® Series models.


Why CC®?

From the time that Samuel Colt began manufacturing revolvers, he used a small flat spring to provide tension on the hand.  This flat spring was a weak spot in the Colt design.  A Cimarron Cowboy Comp® system is superior because the small flat was replaced with a coil spring that doesn’t fatigue and is adjusted (lightened) in the action job process. 


A Cowboy Comp® U.S. Action Job consists of the following: 

-De-burr the internal surfaces, as needed

-Install US manufactured main spring & trigger bolt spring

-Tune / Adjust trigger pull and creep

-Tune / Adjust bolt for fit and function

-Check head space and cylinder gap, adjust if necessary

-Check /adjust for proper timing and function