How To Order

Cimarron Firearms Co. works through FFL dealers nationwide. Black powder percussion arms may be purchased or ordered from your dealer, direct from Cimarron or from one of our Stocking Dealers, or from Texas Jack Wild West Outfitter on our website or by phone (800-TEX JACK), if there is no dealer in your area. Our products are designed to appeal to those who demand unparalleled authenticity and can be found in many large gun shops nationwide. But, you will not find them in every gun store.

It is best to order our catalog which is $5.00. You may call and charge the catalog to your Visa, Master Card, or American Express card. Take the catalog to your dealer and have him place the order for you. Any gun store will be more than pleased to order a Cimarron firearm for you.

Be aware that some dealers may have a similar product and will attempt to convert your purchase to their off brand stock on hand. Don't fall for this. Cimarron is the benchmark for quality and authenticity. We lead, they follow!

Cimarron Fire Arms Co.
105 Winding Oak Road
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

e-mail: Sales at Cimarron F.A. Co.

(830) 997-9090 / 1877-SIXGUN1 (749-4861)
Fax: (830) 997-0802