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Pietta Blue Finish

Pietta Blue Finish

The Cimarron Thunderstorm™ is our latest offering ready for competition straight out of the box. Designed with the Cowboy Action Mounted Shooter in mind, the Thunderstorm™ takes the Cimarron Model P or Thunderer™ and turns it into a competition-ready weapon of choice. Approved by 2009 CMSA World Champion Kenda Lenseigne, you can also look for the Cimarron Mounted Shooting Team to be using Thunderstorms in the upcoming CMSA World Championship.


  • ● 3.5” or 4.75” barrel length
  • ● 45 Colt
  • ● Model P or Thunderer Grip
  • ● Stainless Steel or Standard Blue finishes
  • ● Checkered grips limit sliding in the hand while mounted shooting
  • ● Wide front sights and deep rear notch for faster target acquisition
  • ● Smooth action and hand-knurled hammer
  • ● Action jobs with US made competition springs
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