Frontier Meldrum LSR Nickel 4 3/4

Frontier Meldrum LSR Nickel 4 3/4" .357

SA Frontier Buntline Old Model .45 LC, 10 in.

SA Frontier Buntline Old Model .45 LC, 10 in. Model PP558P
Availability: Please Call 1877 SIXGUN1
Originally made famous by legendary Old West lawman/gambler Wyatt Earp, and brought to the forefront again in the 1993 western Tombstone, this 10-inch barreled peacemaker-style sixgun wears the traditional blue and color case hardened finish. However, Cimarron's replica is not just any “Buntline Special," what sets this extra long-barreled smokewagon apart from other Buntlines is the iconic hand-cast, sterling silver Wyatt Earp presentation plaque, hand inlaid into the right side of the period varnished walnut stock--just like in the movie. This .45 Colt caliber single-action revolver is another spitting image replica introduced by Cimarron for Old West fans and firearms buffs alike. Here's a handsome sixgun that conjures up images of the Old West, a modern-day classic movie, and an ideal gun for those long shots.