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Walker's Walker™ Civilian

Celebrating the 1st 200 years of the Texas Rangers, Cimarron is producing a very special run of Walker revolvers duplicating the exact total production of the 1100 originals manufactured in 1846 by Samuel Colt. Each Walker revolver is marked as exact as possible to the original and have been aged to look exactly as a used original. They will be made in groups exactly as the originals were made, and marked with company and issue numbers as were the originals, starting with Company C. Company A - No. 001 through No. 220, Company B - No. 001 through No. 220, Company C - No. 001 through No. 220, Company D - No. 001 through No. 220, Company E - No. 001 through No. 120, then 100 Civilian numbered 1001 through 1100   Cimarron Firearms’ Walker’s Walker™ will be available individually or cased in an attractive glass topped American Walnut presentation case with flask and nipple wrench and also include a limited edition, high quality print of the 1847 Walker schematic. Each case will be marked with the Former Texas Rangers Foundation badge in the lower center, on the left of the badge, “TEXAS RANGERS 1823 – 2023”, and on the right side of the badge, “200 YEARS of LEGENDARY LAW”.
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