1858 Remington Army .44 cal., 8

1858 Remington Army .44 cal., 8"

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1858 Revolving Carbine, 18" - .44 Caliber Black Powder Percussion

Cimarron 1858 Remington Army .44 cal., 5 1/2"

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The Remington model 1858 Army was one of the favorite side arms of the boys in blue during America's period of social unrest that some refer to as the Civil War. Known for its superior strength and accuracy due to the top strap style frame. This high quality Cimarron model 1858 Army reproduction features parts interchangeable with the original.

All Cimarron percussion revolvers come with authentic finishes. With Cimarron's Original® finish the replica cannot be distinguished from the 150 year old original without close examination.