Percussion Revolvers

"The Colt Patterson, Col. Sam's 1st revolver, was put to test by the Republic of Texas Rangers in the late 1830s. Armed with the new Patterson revolver, fifteen Rangers in central Texas, near San Antonio at Plum Creek, defeated a fierce band of 100 marauding Comanche warriors. The battle of Plum Creek made evident the need for Col. Colt's revolver on the American frontier. Even so, in 1838 Colt was bankrupt. In 1846, Texas Ranger Captain Sam Walker sought help from Col. Colt to strengthen Texas' limited forces during the war with Mexico. The result was the production of the Colt Walker and the return of Col. Colt to manufacturing the great firearms pictured on these pages. No region and no state made a greater contribution than did Texas in the making of Col. Colt's Firearms Co. No weapon, no firearm played a greater role than did the Colt revolver in the making of Texas and the opening of the American west."